SOLD WTS Wampler Sovereign $220

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Wampler pedals are renowned for their high quality and great sounding pedals. The wampler soverign is the ultimate distortion pedal.

Extremely versatile due to its controls and tone stack, it can get anywhere from crunchy gain to searing distortion. Tonal characteristics are somewhere between a Marshall and a Soldano.

A quick google search on this pedal shows that it has garnered a big majority of 5 star user review ratings on sites musiciansfriend, amazon and guitar center.


Condition: 9/10
Full working condition. Bottom plate screw cross holes has been worn due to screwdriver mishandling by my mischievous cousin. Still able to take out the screws but cannot be too tight

Price: $220
Comes with box and manuals.

contact me at 9457 8773 to deal

Deal in Woodlands or at my convenience.

Thanks for viewing :)
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