WTS: Wampler Indyguitarist Pinnacle 2 (2 switch ver)


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I have a Wampler Pinnacle 2 for sale. This was the older version with 2 footswitches. The 2 switches version has always thought to be the better ones, and it actually is, thus Wampler reissues the old design recently.

This pedal aims to replicate the early EVH "brown" sound.Very marshally too. So if you are chasing this tone, do come and get this.

It looks exactly like this here http://www.noiseon.com/effects/IndyG...n/samples.aspx

You could also see and hear how it might sound like here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZxfWniBACsM

Selling at $240. Might consider interesting trades.

Sell/Trade/Deal at my convenience.

Contact me at Nine-0-3-0-4-4-2-Three