WTS: VOX ACTV 4 Watt tube amp


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want to sell my VOX AC4TV 4 watt tube amp. It's in good condition and about a year old, the 2 pin plug has been changed to a 3 pin plug. Looking to sell it soon and price is negotiable . The amp is not a bad amp and produces pretty decent sound, except that it doesn't have a built in distortion like other amplifiers. The output of the amp can be set to 3 different settings, 1/10 watt/1 watt/4 watt to help keep the noise level down. Tone and volume are the other 2 knobs. Decent looking amp and relatively small in size for the sound it can produce. Deal in the east, contact 9008 3350. Price is $180, negotiable. Any enquires can sms me. Thanks!