SOLD WTS: VOX AC15CC1X (AC15 custom classic with Celestion AlNiCo Blue loudspeaker)

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Hey guys!

I'm looking to sell my Vox AC15CC1X mainly because I'm in the UK more often than not these days.
This combo amp is in mint condition (1.5 years old).
It has a single channel with reverb and tremolo effects which are both very natural sounding. Sound wise, it has typical chimey Vox cleans and the celestion speaker really opens up the overdriven sound when the amp is cranked up, in my opinion.
I'm letting it go at S$500 but am willing to negotiate if you are serious :)

Full specs can be found here:
As you can see, this thing weighs a ton, so be mindful of that :)

PM me if interested!! Thanks :D
Not open for further replies.