SOLD WTS: Vox AC-30 VR - $420

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Letting go at $420
Able to negotiate

Condition- 9.5/10
Electronics are working fine.
Letting go cuz need to clear space

Valve-reactor combo amp, features reverb and 2 Overdrive channels

Speaker: 2x 12" VX12 Celestion speakers

Inputs: Input jack, Footswitch jack

Outputs: External LoudSpeaker jack

Options: VFS2A Dual Footswitch with LEDs

Dimensions : 70 x 26.5 x 55.6 cm

Weight: 23 kg

Does not come with cover nor the foot-switch

Deal only @ Bishan, whatsapp me at 8298 7559 if interested.

Best if you can arrange your own vehicle cuz this thing is quite hefty.

Photos ----->>
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