WTS: Visual Sound Jekyll & Hyde V2 (VELCROED)


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The Visual Sound V2JH is two separate overdrive & distortion in one pedal, each with separate controls, and each with its own personality. They can be used separately or blended together.

Jekyll part is a smooth overdrive, accurately reproduces the sound of the original TS808 Tube Screamer, providing depth and smooth sustain.

The Hyde part is a heavier extremely versatile distortion with a Sharp/Blunt switch to go from compressed to very bright sound.

Selling price: $175 Firm
Condition: used but not abused 8.5/10,
Velcroed but I still keep the battery cover and the rubber based.
Whatsapp me on 90259150

Bought from Guitar77 a year ago. Selling this pedal because I'm now more into ambient sound rather than a distorted rock sound. Only consider to trade with: Polytune mini 2 noir or Neunaber Stereo Wet Reverb.