WTS Vintage Mesa Boogie Maverick + Mesa Oversized 4X12 Cab with Vintage 30 speakers


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Selling the above mentioned Mesa Boogie AMP and Mesa Boogie Oversized 4X12 Cab with Celestion Vintage 30 speakers.

AMP goes for 1800SGD, this is the 2X12 combo version with V30 speakers in it. cosmetically 90%. Functionally 100%

Cab is 1 month old bought from local dealer with warranty. going for 1250SGD

The AMP actually sounds very balanced through the 4X12, adding a lot of tight bass and therefore depth to the tone. AMP itself comes with two channels -- the bright clean is sparkling with great harmonics and the drive is not the usual Mesa heavy distortion. this is a blues / country amp.

Both going together for 2800 SGD.

I also have a Fender 57' Tweed Twin (brand new, with full warranty) for 3500SGD.

There is no need to ask me whether it's still available -- when it's sold I will edit this post to reflect it. If you are keen, come and try. PM me.