WTS: UK Award-Session Guitar Directbox MB10 @ $100


  • Impedence match box /DI/Direct Recording Preamp to plug your guitar into your PC, mixer or PA system.
  • 'Speaker Simulator' button to engage the Celestion G12T-Blue 12' Speaker simulation
  • 'Guitar EQ' button to switch to clean sound of a Vox AC30 w/Top Boost (Clean) Guitar Amp Emulation
  • Adjustable Treble EQ with Gain Knob
  • Made in England by Award-Session
  • Active DI box with XLR and 1/4' jack outputs
  • Vintage unit
  • Original price £89.95/$160

If all you want is a nice clean Vox-like base tone (for recording or playing through a PA) and have various other effects and processors to refine your sound, the MB10 Shadows Version is most definitely up to the task.

Selling price fixed @ $100. Selling because under utilized.

Please sms 902557-11 to deal. Thanks!

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