Wts/tt: Ibanez jem77fp floral pattern - rare & collectible


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Selling one of the most beautiful JEM ever made: the JEM77FP in full color, green tree of life inlays, EDGE trem, Dimarzio hot pink pickups, etc.. i could go on talking bout it's spec but guess ya all might have known better than me. This particular piece was made in 1991, but it's well maintained and only being played handful of times for recording. There is one tiny dent on the edge of the body, some slight oxidation on hardwares. Comes with Ibanez hardcase, currently setup with 0.10's D'addario Strings.

trades are welcome for iPhone 4, iPad 2 3G wifi, Macbook pro, PRS guitars, Fender MIA, all plus cash !

EMAIL ME ep.tjan@gmail.com

Click the link below for more close up photos: