WTS TL Audio Ivory 2 Series 5051

TL Audio 5051 Mono Tube Voice Processor/Channel Strip Features:
- Mono channel strip with six tube stages for unmistakable tube warmth
- Excellent value — borrows features from the 5021 and legendary EQ1
- Good choice on vocals, bass guitars, and percussion
- Pre-post compression 4-band EQ with HF- and lF-shelving and LM- and HM-peaking
- Full hard-/soft-knee compressor section with sidechain and an optical gate
- Link switch lets you connect two 5051s for stereo operation
- Offers balanced XLR line input/output, duplicated on unbalanced jack connectors
- Switchable VU metering of input level, output level, or gain reduction
- Optional 24-bit digital output card available

This processor has some noise issues, so it will need to be repaired if purchased. Letting it go for $700. Price is negotiable. PM me or email cavell_chan@live.com for more info!


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