SOLD WTS Teisco Del Ray E120 from the 1960s [PICS INSIDE!]

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Hi everyone

I'm once again in desperate need of clearing room, so this is hopefully gonna be a steal for someone.

I have on hand this very old Teisco Del Ray from the 1960s. For some of you who know about these guitars, you'll know their collectors' value. They routinely go for hundreds of dollars online (go check). Even though it's quirky (to say the least) and obviously nowhere near pristine condition, this one actually plays fine and the lone pickup has a very nice grunt that allows you to really dig in.

Unlike many from this vintage, this one has the emblem intact and is in decent condition for a guitar of its age. Again, PLEASE don't expect this to be perfect, but If you're handy with a bit of DIY, this'll make a very unique player's instrument.

I would dearly love to keep this if for no other reason than how unique it is (check out the racing stripes!), but I'm running out of space!!! So - believe it or not, I'm willing to let someone have this guitar simply by trading me a decent pedal. Preferably a good analog delay or volume pedal (preferably both!). But hit me with what you've got; best offer secures.

So what're you waiting for? Drop me a text or WhatsApp at 9-six-6-nine-two-0-5-7!

Collection in the Katong area.




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