WTS Tech21 California (Putnam Modded)


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This is Putnam-modded (www.putnamguitars.com/mods.htm) Tech 21 Character Series California - modeled after the Mesa Boogie Mark II. On low settings, the California gives you the classic chiming, woody cleans of the Mark II. Push it a little harder and you'll get the gnarly overdrive, and cranking it all the way will give you the crunch of the Rectifier.

On top of that, it's been modded by Putnam guitars for a DI out, a ground lift switch, and a pre/post switch, giving you an incredibly versatile amp-in-a-box with direct out capabilities if you're in a pinch. Yours for just $220!

Text 9OO41928 if you're interested. No trades. Slightly negotiable if you pick it up from wherever I am.