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Hi all,

I have a TC Electronic Nova Repeater to sell.

This delay is packed with features. Comes with modulation (vibrato and chorus), tap tempo (triplet and dotted and more), and with different delay type such as the famous 2230 tone (that U2 The Edge uses), analog, tape, reverse, and ping pong. Able to adjust the tone of the repeats, very useful - if you find the repeats too dark or too bright, you can just simply adjust to taste. Two footswitches, one dedicated to on/off, the other for tap tempo. It is more than a Boss DD7 - more features and better interface, yet comparable price.

In good working condition, good cosmetic condition, with box and manual, including power adaptor. Selling it for $230.

Deal at my convenience.

Contact me at 9-o-3-o-4=4=2=3.





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