WTS/T XTS Preamp (Dist, OD and boost in one!!)


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Selling my XTS Preamp, almost mint condition, about 9/10. Replaced one of the knobs, comes with box.

Really versatile pedal, distortion, overdrive and boost all in one, covers almost all tones. From heavy metal to hard rock to blues and fusion, you get the idea.

Just to explain how the pedal works: Atomic Overdrive is actually a distortion, Multi-drive is like a swiss army knife of overdrives, and the pegasus boost allows you to get either a vol or gain boost. Left footswitch allows you to switch between the Atomic OD or Multi-drive, middle footswitch turns the pedal on or off, right footswitch turns on the boost.

Waiting time for this pedal is quite long and brand new price for this pedal is USD600, so grab this while you can!

Here's Pete Thorn's awesome demo of the Atomic OD section:


Going for $580 slightly neg if you can deal quickly

Trade wise, I'm only looking for a VFE focus, Bogner Blue pedal or Rockett Archer. Top up as required.
SMS your offers to 93822211
Other acceptable trades: Teles, ash Tele bodies, maple fretboard tele necks, 22 frets, flatter radius