SOLD WTS: Source Audio Bass Envelop Filter Pro

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The Renaissance

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Hi everyone,

Im selling off a my Source Audio Bass Envelope Filter Pro.
My personal review of the pedal is that it is fantastic as a beginner envelope filter because of the multitude of sounds it can produce. You can mimic a MXR BEF, EHX Bassballs, Qtron and many other envelope filters in the market, making it an awesome pedal to try out envelope filters. Furthermore, it works as a perfect wah pedal, phaser pedal and a (almost) one of a kind envelope phaser pedal.
That being said, these few month with this pedal have taught me which envelope filter i want and it is time to pass it on.

The price will be $175, and open to trades (always keen to try new stuff)
PM me if you are interested
Not open for further replies.