SOLD WTS: SolidGoldFx If 6 was 9 'fuzz face' pedal. NOS BC108 transistors

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ne of the best BC108 silicon fuzz face i've tried
IMO, it is better than the analogman BC108 sunface
(p.s silicon transistors are perfectfor our weather as they are temperature stable! Germanium transistor fuzz face needs to be biased really really low for our tropical climate to sound good)

This video gives a very accurate sound of what you'll heard with a basic home set-up. (my pedal comes with white LED though!)

Another great video here (MUST watch!)

Asking $240
Brand new (Just purchased directly from SolidgoldFx in Canada)
Sms 9 seven 8 I 8 eight O o

Really nice true white LED (appears more blue-ish on the photo)
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