WTS Seymour Duncan Vapor Trail Analog Delay (Priced Down!)

Sean Oh

New member

I'm looking to sell my Seymour Duncan Vapor Trail Analog Delay.
It's an analog bucket brigade delay, somewhat similar to the MXR Carbon Copy / Boss DM-2, with warm, lush, naturally decaying trails as opposed to the "harsh-er" hi-fi Digital Delays. Extremely rich in features, with inbuilt modulation (with the rate and depth controls), allowing you to dial in some interesting sounds and chorus-y modulated delay trails. The transparent Delay knob has a flashing LED that flashes with the delay intervals, very thoughtful inclusion for live uses. Excellent sounding pedal with lots of extra functionality that really sets it ahead of it's competitors. Lots of reviews out there with high praise for the pedal, just google!

Great Condition, never gigged/ abused. 9.8/10 Aesthetics, 10/10 Functionality. Comes with the box and everything in it.
Here's a pic.

Looking for $170, slightly negotiable if able to deal at my convenience. Contact me at 9two9eight76six9.