WTS Sennheiser HD 25 PLUS Monitor Headphones ( brand new + local warranty )


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selling a sennheiser hd-25 plus headphones
the stock coiled cables was replaced with the straight steel cables.
both cables ,headphones and all the accessories are unused ,brand new.
RFS : keeping my older hd25 and selling off to fund other stuffs .

sennheiser HD25 is one legendary headphone . used by many dj's and its also light to be used outdoor. Driver can be easily driven by most phones and mp3 players .
plug into the pioneer or allen and heath mixers and its all about the cue and beat matching .
As for the sound signature , its a reference with a slight flat response. some may consider it v shaped but it does deliver deep and tight bass .
comparing it to the audio technica m50x , the hd25 has a smaller form factor and lightness .

model /specs >
Sennheiser HD 25 PLUS On-ear closed back Monitor DJ Headphones

warranty >
2 years + 3months extended local warranty
item was bought at sennheiser marina square . receipt dated 20/10/2017

will include delivery if take at my bnp
do contact me at 98639742


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