WTS : Sabian Hand Hammered Cymbals (selling as a set)


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Hi All,

Selling off my Sabian HH Performance set

- 14" Medium Hihat --> condition 9/10
- 16" Medium Thin Crash --> condition 9/10
- 20" Medium Ride --> condition 8/10

All cymbals are in good and clean condition, no keyhole, no cracks, with logo still intact (except for "HH" logo on ride cymbals which has somehow faded but can still be seen).

I always keep my cymbals in cymbal hard case after each use and clean them lightly once in a while.

selling them off as a set for S$780 (less than 50% of Swee Lee retail price)

Please PM me for pics and kindly note that I'm selling it as a set.