WTS: Roli Seaboard RISE 49-Key


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Bought this a few months ago around May thinking I'd use it a whole lot, but I find myself either playing the actual instruments or using a regular MIDI controller and tweaking the sound/pitch bend in an editor post-recording.


Still in mint condition except for a tiny aesthetic scratch on the bottom of the RISE, pictured here:


I should note that while it's picked up a few pieces of dust, these easily come off with a dry tissue (wet tissue sometimes tears, and that's the worst possible thing that could happen; when it dries, it's a pain to get off). I've been very careful to only touch this with clean hands, as the silicon really loves to absorb oil and there's no easy way to get it out.

Full photo album here: http://imgur.com/a/J86oS

Looking for $1300, slightly negotiable. Cost me almost S$1700 after US to SGD conversion, shipping, and import taxes. Will include a USB cable if you need one, but any standard USB1 cable works. Heck, I've used the wire from my printer, before. I have the original manual, quick start guide, warranty information, and registration code/slip if you're all about that. Does come with Equator, ROLI's in-house synthesizer with presets that react to the Seaboard RISE's unique five dimensions of touch. (If you don't know about these, check it out!

Game of Thrones played on the Seaboard RISE
Seaboard RISE electric guitar emulation

If you have more questions, would like to offer, or want to see a few more pictures of the Seaboard RISE or Equator, let me know.


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