WTS: RMC Picture wah


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One of the best Clyde McCoy style wah
Carlos Santana uses it live! Check out Santana - Live At Montreaux 2011
Uses a Halo inductor
'This is THE model if you want a classic wah sound with lots of soul. The PW works with most any pickup and any amp configuration.' - Geoffrey Teese

STEVE MILLER BAND guitarist Jacob Petersen :
The Picture wah seems to never reach full on treble frequencies. To me it sounds more like upper, upper mids when the pedal is pressed fully forward. This gives the Picture wah a perhaps more of a Rock N’ Roll tone, as it’s instantly fat and punchy and plays well with overdrive pedals as i.e. a TS9 style drive or OCD. The tone of the Picture wah will easily fit right in if you’re trying to cut through the mix in a rock band in a live situation, and especially in a power rock trio where guitar solos are more featured!

The Picture Wah is simply a more mid focused wah that never gets a real high treble response. It’s fat and punchy, but still extremely smooth. With its toggle in backwards position, the bass and low mids get a tiny cut/scoop that makes the sweep appear a tiny bit faster and smoother. The Picture Wah is indeed more mid focused, it does come out to be a bit more vocal.

Asking S$220
Condition is good. Working condition 10/10 but cosmetic 8/10
Sms 9 seven 8 I 8 eight O o