SOLD WTS - RARE '81 MIJ TOKAI ST-85 STRAT (nitro over natural wood)

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Letting go a great sounding Tokai st-85 strat at only $550! Bought from a fellow softie about a month or so ago, at his asking price..Google "tokai st 85" and you'll find the ordinal post, with details of the specs and pix.

Great vintage sounding piece, action has been recalibrated for better playability. Comes with CNB hardcase. Letting go cuz, I'm done with a project that required Strat tones, and ultimately i still have preference for HH tone.

This guitar is of "player's" condition, meaning, it's great for stage use and jams etc. in short, you don't have to worry about getting dinged up by your bassist's headstock or puked on by your drunk fact, more dings and pukes will further enhance it's seasoned look.;)

Testing welcome, but only from 930am to 1130am weekdays at my office around Macpherson.

Drop me a text, 98311083.

Have a great day :)

Not open for further replies.