WTS: PRS Torero - Black Flame Maple


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I am not sure if this is the only 1 on this island ... but as far as I know only the blue and red ones were available locally at the time, so I imported this in myself. In any case, my understanding is that this model is no longer in production.

This guitar is practically new and everything is stock from PRS. I bought it on impulse without considering the scale, and when it arrived I just couldn't get used to it, so it has hardly been played. It has been in my Extra Space storage unit (air-conditioned) for a long, long time. No scratches, no dings, no buckle rash, nothing.

Comes with the original PRS gig bag (no, this hardshell case belongs to another guitar) and everything it came with brand new.

$1,000 to deal. Interested, PM me your contact details, thanks.
Hi guys, this is the model with neck through body and comes with EMGs and OFR original from PRS.

Sustain on this thing is awesome, even without plugging it in when you play a note it resonates forever ... okay maybe "forever" is pushing it a little but you get the idea ;) Too bad it's the wrong scale for me, but if you are a 25 1/2" scale person this would be perfect for you.

Interested, PM your contact details to discuss, thanks.