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Four fairly unique and rare guitars for sale. All details and pics in Carousell listings

1) 2014 PRS Custom 22: $3200
Custom Purple colour. Bought New from Ishibashi Music, Tokyo, End 2015
9.5/10 condition (points deducted for aged Hardware)

2) 2013 Gibson Les Paul Supreme: $3200
Translucent Black AAAA Maple Top.Bought New from Swee Lee, mid 2017
9/10 condition (points deducted for aged Gold Hardware)

3) 2017 Gibson Custom Shop Firebird Custom: $4400
Ebony Black. Extremely light weight (the lightest out of my 3 Firebirds). Bought New from Swee Lee, mid 2018
10/10 condition

4) 2009 Gibson Custom Shop Historic Reissue 1965 Firebird VII $5500
Gold Polymist. Rare Gibson Ebony Fretboard. Bought New from Swee Lee from Swee Lee, mid 2017
9.5 condition (please note this is NOS, so hardware and finish is faded to begin with)

I have over 20 guitars so most guitars, other than my no 1 & 2 (PRS 594 and 513s), are very lightly played. I have bought and sold many guitars and all my guitars are stored in hard cases, so you can be quite rest assured of their condition and being well looked after. You can also see my Youtube video on my collection (below), though slightly outdated, gives you a picture.


Selling as the heart wants what it wants, and I want a PRS Private stock, which needs funding.

Goes without saying, please be polite. No Low Balling, No time-wasting and No Trades, unless you have a beautiful PRS 513 Rosewood or Private Stock.
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