WTS Pre-Fender Gretsch G6129T Silverjet


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Letting go of a pre-Fender Gretsch G6129T Silverjet. It's in good shape for a 15-year-old guitar, with the usual buckle rash, and some dings and scratches. It feels and sounds incredible!

The well-worn neck is slim, smooth, and easily playable. The Filtertrons give you that classic "Gretsch sound" - bright, open-sounding, with lots of bite and character. Overdriven they're gritty and grainy, with a woody thump on the low end.

This features the master volume knob, a pickup selector switch, as well as two tone knobs - no pesky tone switch like there is on the newer Gretsch models.

Comes with it's original Gretsch hardcase. You can have this for just $2650. Slightly negotiable if you'll pick it up from wherever I am. Definitely prefer a cash sale - we can work something out! Open to trades for the following: PRS, Black/other coloured Gretsch Jets, Suhrs, but much more favourable to trades that will yield a topup of about 1K. Shoot me a text at 9 zero zero 4 1928 if you're interested!