WTS Pedaltrain 3 includes new set of velcro and free delivery


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Hi, selling a Pedaltrain 3 with the soft side velcro-ed onto the pedal board. Below drilled (drilled by Ebenex) so you can fit either a Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2+ and Voodoo Lab ISO-5 or both. Still in excellent condition other than the holes drilled. Hardly used, bought few months ago and never brought it out of the house before.

Includes hard case, two sets of mounting brackets, whole new roll of velcro (one soft side and one hook), a set of cable tie. So it's basically more than what you get buying new. Brand new price is $420, and I also paid $50 for drilling and $15 for 2nd set of mounting brackets.

SMS me at 9066 3921 to deal. Thanks. Free delivery to your place.