WTS Pearl Snare , Paiste Cymbals , etc.


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Contact me at 86132099, whatsapp preffered

Pearl Sensitone custom alloy 14 x 5.5" steel shell - $200
(the one that comes with pearl vision series)

Paiste Alpha 18" power crash - $160 (older alpha series.
Good condition and sounds better than newer Alphas as it uses 2oo2 bronze)

Lazer 14" steel snare - $70

Paiste 302 16" crash - $70

Megadrum drum module/trigger interface - $350
(basically a module but uses VST to trigger sounds. As good as roland td 30 in specifications but samples come from VST)

Extra alesis crash cymbal pad & Hi hat pedal, & wires included.

Contact me at 86132099. Whatsapp preffered.

Would be interested to trade in items for either a Talkbox, or a boom arm + clamp for a splash.

Thanks for reading. :)
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