WTS: Orange Tiny Terror & Orange Cab Vintage 30s 1x12 Price further reduced


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Hi there,

Selling my Orange tiny terror and cab.
Condition is Excellent(Like brand new).
Have not left my room ever since I bought it.
Intending to sell this as a set (Head+Cab) for a price of : $850

Package Includes:
*The tubes have been changed to 12AX7 (2 of it) and EL84 (2 of it as well) [This cost me approx. $70]
*I will be throwing in the stocked orange tubes as well
(Note: The orange tubes are working absolutely fine)
*The head is still under warranty from sound alchemy. Head comes with box and accessory as well
*Orange PPC 1 x 12 Vintage 30 Closed Back
*Will throw in speaker cable as well



Deal at my convenience.
Interested parties do feel free to text me at 9137826four

Thanks for reading!