WTS: MV shredhead and Vox Cooltron duel overdrive


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1. MV Electronics Shredhead #116

Handmade in Philippines by Mark V. I think it's based from crunchbox or ocd.. i can't really remember what Mark said. but it's really an awesome pedal. It's just not for me.. has alot of gain for my kind of music.

Here's a video

Here's the review:

Condition 9/10
Seldom used.. Drive too strong for me
Selling for S$ 90

2. Vox Cooltron Overdrive

Double the drive with the new Duel Overdrive pedal. With two overdrive circuits based on our own Big Ben Overdrive pedal, the Duel Overdrive provides foot switchable access to two sounds from a trunk-full of classic and modern tones. With separate Gain, Volume and Tone controls, you can set the pedal up with two totally independent overdrive sounds (aptly named OD1 and OD2!) to compliment a clean-bypassed tone. To make it even more flexible, we've added an assignable (OD1/OD2/both) low-end bass boost function for fat-bottomed overdrive tones. Add the Duel Overdrive to your existing pedal setup and benefit from an unmistakably “real” valve overdrive.

Connection: Input: x1 (guitar input), Output: x1 (line output)
Controls: Gain, Tone, Volume, Bass boost
Tube: 12AU7
Power: 4 x AA batteries (allows 16 hours of operation)
Dimensions: 1 6.84 cm (6.63”) (W) x 15.55cm (6.12”) (H) x 6.4cm (2.52”) (D)
Power: 9V DC

More info here: http://www.voxamps.com/us/archive/cooltron/

This product is discontinued.. not sure why, but i liked the sound that comes out from this pedal. the reason i'm selling this is that it's big, and i'm usually plugged into a vox amp that makes it redundant. the sound is a bit like the vox sound where the higher frequency breaks up easily making it quite of a vintage tone.

Cosmetics: 8.5/10
slight hairline scratches.
Selling for S$ 150

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