WTS: MIJ Aria ProII CSB 380 (4 strings, 32", extreme player's conditon, repost) $300


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WTS: MIJ Aria ProII CSB 380 (4 strings, 32", extreme player's conditon, repost) $300

As per the title. Bought about 6 years ago from fellow softie on impulse. Price has been dropped by $100 from my initial post. Had a couple of nibbles but no real bites. F1 Fusion bag, 10" Mogami cable and very comfortable leather strap with suede backing will be provided with purchase. All you need is a quality bass combo/amplifier and you'll be on the way to being a real bass cat.

The bass was manufactured in 1982, according to the serial number. I believe I am the 4th owner; it was clearly played extensively from the moment I bought it. Look away if you are picky about cosmetics; buckle rash, dings, cigarette burn marks on the headstock, among other things, clearly display how much the bass has been played with. I will furnish full details of the cosmetic flaws to any who might be interested. The only real beef I have with this bass is a slight neck dive due to the near non-existent upper horn, which the strap I will be providing with counteracts against very well. You may choose to change the stock tuners to Hipshot Ultralites or Gotoh Res-O-Lites if it is that much of a bother. Last setup about a year ago at SV Guitars, strung with DR Hi-Def White medium gauge.

The bass is a 32" medium scale length, which can be useful if you wish to find a middle ground between the usual short 30" and regular 34" scale lengths. Neck feel and tone is a very traditional P. Jack changed to Switchcraft as the old one was faulty. Treble bleed cap installed. Dunlop straplocks installed. All other parts original. Strongly recommend this for anyone who needs a real workhorse of a backup bass, or looking to purchase their first bass; if you look at the price of the various starter packages around, you're getting a pretty damn good deal and you'll be free to choose a bass combo/amplifier which isn't 10W squeaking toy.

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