SOLD Wts Medeli DD512 edrum full set $530

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Full details here👉

-100% working cond.Test to believe
-I can help deliver and assemble if need to
-Some sticks mark on the pads itself
-Comes with drumstick and throne
-Non-Nego at the moment
-Inclusive of a Yamaha single pedal(Not in pic)

I blurred some of the parts in the pic,coz its not included in the sale.Those r xtra pads dat i seperately bought to add-on to the kit setup.I also change changed the right cymbal (Which is suppose to b ur ride) to a Yamaha pad as the medeli pad is worned out and not responding perfectly.The left cymbal is chokable! And best of all,all the other 4 pads(Snare,hi-mid-lo toms)are TWO zones.This are the best Medeli kit,much better than a DD506.The sound are unbelievable.

Fully customisable sound and u can even assign the settings to ur preference.

I don't mind keeping it for now,but if i have the chance to sell this,i would want to upgrade.So yeah,non-nego at the moment.

Ws sms or call me at 90609838



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