WTS Marshall Valvestate VS100R Guitar Amplifier


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Marshall Valvestate VS100R Guitar Amplifier for Sale
In perfect working order.
The 100 Watt VS100R offers 3 footswitchable channels and an ECC83 [12AX7] valve in the pre-amp. This ensures the fullest possible helping of classic Marshall valve tone on all 3 channels.

This amp will give you incredible flexibility with tones from crystal clean to classic crunch, from brown and bluesy to big and brutal with selections for the Clean channel, Overdrive 1 channel and Overdrive 2 channel all available at the press of a switch.

•100 Watt Valvestate power stage driving 1x12'' speaker.
•ECC83 [12AX7] Pre-amp valve active on all 3 channels.
•3 independent footswitchable channels, 'Clean', 'Overdrive 1' and 'Overdrive 2'.
•Clean channel with Treble, Middle and Bass controls, plus Tone Shift switch for extra tonal options.
•Overdrive 1 channel with its own Gain and Volume plus shared EQ with Overdrive 2.
•Overdrive 2 channel with its own Gain, Volume and sweeping Contour control.
•Power Dimension switch to give the effect of the greater saturation of a valve power stage of lower wattage being driven hard.
•Built-in spring Reverb with separate level controls for the Clean and Overdrive 1/2.
•Effects Loop with front panel Mix control.
•Headphone jack [which mutes the internal speaker].
•Line Out jack with Speaker Emulation for connection to external equipment.
•Extension speaker jacks
Very powerful great sounding amp at a very low price.

Letting go at $788 Nego
Text Me at 96772402..

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