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Hi All, selling a Mad Professor Simble pedal in excellent condition, and it comes with the box. This is an overdrive (OD) pedal that emulates the emulates the highly sought after Dumble tone. Can go into distortion territory as well when cranked. To know what a Dumble tone sounds like, check out this musician who records with one. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h0NAofXeieM

Comes with knobs for level, sensitivity, contour and accent. Level controls the output volume, sensitivity increases gain, accent works like a presence knob, and contour adjusts the brightness of the output in the fashion of a one-knob EQ.

Reverb is selling this used for at least USD150 and above excluding shipping. This is only going for a very reasonable price of SGD220, cash on delivery at nearest MRT. Don’t miss this deal, very hard to come by.

Interested buyers please feel free to PM me. Thanks.

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