SOLD WTS: JHS Stateline (price drop!)

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Quoted from JHS's website: "This is an extremely rare limited run pedal that we released on Black Friday 2012. We made roughly 130 of these so if you see one second hand you better grab it!"

I'm really liking this pedal but i have to make space for a new pedal coming in

About the pedal:
"The State Line offers up two circuits, the left side is the Charlie Brown Channel Drive...a JTM45 in a box. The right side is the Morning Glory. The Morning Glory in this pedal has some special tweaks that will only be found in this limited run State Line pedal. The Morning Glory has way more dirt on tap and can reach much heavier palettes of drive while retaining the original voicing of the standard Morning Glory. With the gain cranked, you can dig into chords with clarity and an amazing full, rich saturation only found here! The bright cut in the down position sounds like the standard MG's toggle in the up position and gives you a less chime'y foundation from the start. When the switch is flipped up you get a nice smooth, warm and full tone section that loves to be used at high gain, resulting in a perfectly balanced high gain overdrive tone."

Doesn't come with a box, so just the pedal itself, it is also velcro-ed
Looking for $320 for this.
No trades please
Email me at if you're interested.
Deal at my convenience only!
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