WTS: Ibanez S320-BK guitar


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$399 only. Leaving the country sale.

Ibanez S320 guitar
Weathered Black finish
ZPS 2 trem
Rosewood fret board, 21 frets
Chrome Black hardware
Ibanez INF1 and INF2 pickups
Comes with padded gigbag, strap, and cable
Will give a free guitar cleaner and fret board cleaner (lemon oil)

This is a very thin and light guitar. The neck is thin and flat as well. Good sounds on the pickups. Excellent tuning stability even if you abuse the trem.

Note, the guitar had a crack on the back of neck 2 years ago, due to shipping). It was repaired by Maestro then and had not been a problem since. You can see in one of the pics.

SMS 96706559

last ditch effort to sell this guitar

$350 only, and I will give a free Zoom GFX5 multieffects.

96706559 Jon