WTS Ibanez Phat Hed Bass Overdrive


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Selling used Ibanez Bass distortion pedal in very good condition. Pedal has been discontinued and hard to find. eBay is retailing at around 90USD for used set, letting go at $50 currently. Contact me at 92704248 for a quick deal!


Why let guitarists rule the stage? Loaded with growling low-end distortion, the PD 7 levels the playing field for the rock bassist. The PD7 is armed with three pre-amp style voicings and an attack control switch, which accents the amount of harmonic content in your sound. With DRIVE, LO, HI, and LEVEL knobs, dialing in a thunderous bass sound has never been easier.


-Effects Type: Bass Effects
-Mode switches the type of distortion. CLEAN, OD, DIST
-Attack enhancer adds more overtones in the high range, emphasizing the attack.