SOLD WTS Humidisorb X-Corrode

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Victor Gwee

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Selling brand new 10cm×10cm packs of Humidisorb + X-Corrode! Similar to Zorb It Ci, this industrial-grade product maintains the relative humidity of the air near your guitar to help prevent warping/cracking due to humidity fluctuations. The added X-Corrode also protects the strings and metallic parts of your instrument.


In moist Singapore, simply recharge saturated packs by placing them in a Ziploc bag with silica gel for a few hours. This way, each pack lasts for years.

Other retailers sell this product at
Swee Lee: $19.90
Bernard Godfrey Guitars: $18

My price:
1 for $16
2 for $30
5 for $70

Free postage in SG.

WhatsApp/SMS me at 830 three 5889 to check stock and for payment info.
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