SOLD WTS Gibson SG Standard with upgrades

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Hi all,

selling a used Gibson SG Standard (2006 model) serial number 028360XXX in cherry red finish. This model comes with the bigger 'batwing' scratch plate, not the small 'half guard' one.

The guitar is in used condition with a number of finish flaws, but no major cracks or chips. There is a small dent in the headstock on the upper left hand side of the 'open book'. Frets are pretty much still at 95+%, rosewood fingerboard has been well taken care of. Overall, there is pretty much just honest wear and tear for a guitar that is 14 years of age. This is not for those fussy dudes who want to nit-pick on every surface flaw; it's a rock and roll machine and demands that treatment.

Pickups have been upgraded to Lindy Fralin USA hand wound Twangmaster 8400 & 9400 humbuckers, which have no hum, but have fantastic clarity and top end detail. These pickups are designed to have more single-coil character, and given their slightly overwound characteristic, the guitar sounds incredibly fat but with loads of single-note definition.

Guitar also comes equipped with a USA-made Bisgby B5, and the bridge has been upgraded with a German Schaller roller bridge. The nut has also been upgraded to TUSQ for excellent tuning stability.

If you've always shied away from Gibsons because you thought they sounded wooly and muddy, now is the time to pick up a guitar that blows away that impression altgether. So if you've never heard of a Gibson with fantastic spanky cleans and raunchy driven tones, do give this baby your attention.

Only selling as I have moved on to semi-hollow guitars where dual humbuckers are concerned, and this wonderful guitar deserves a loving owner that will give her the air time she is longing for.

Priced to sell at $1200 FIRM including an original Gibson hardshell case.

No lowballers, jokers or time-wasters. Serious musicians and tone lovers do contact me at 9 eight 5 six 0 four 1 three. We can arrange an audition for your next #1 guitar.
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