WTS: Gibson Les Paul Classic Plus $1800!


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Had this baby for almost ten years and I know I'm gonna regret letting it go. In very good condition, and plays like a Gibson Les Paul should. In wine red Colour, which is not common. All stock, no mods. Made in 2003. Only fault is the lock mechanism for the hard case isn't working. Not for extremely picky buyers. This is a final special price only for these next 3 days. If I don't sell it by 2359 Saturday 24th June, then I'm just gonna keep it instead. Take note that because this price is already really low for a Gibson LP Classic Plus, the following TOC applies:

2. No trade offers. Strictly cash sale
3. MUST collect from my doorstep at Woodlands. NOWHERE ELSE.
4. Must complete deal by 2359 hrs Saturday 24th June. No reservations etc.

SMS me at 92980224 for pics and to deal.

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