WTS: Fender 68 Custom Princeton Reverb Reissue + upgrades

Matt K

New member
68 Custom PRRI in excellent condition. 12W of gorgeous Fender cleans. This has a fuller low end and a warmer tone than its counterpart the 65 PRRI, works nicely with strats and brighter guitars. $1100

I’ve made a bunch of upgrades as follows.

Speaker: WGS G10c, huge improvement over the original Celestion Ten 30, which I’ll include.
Tubes: only the rectifier is stock, changes are
V1/4- Svetlana 12ax7
V2- NOS GE 12at7
V3- EHX 12ax7
V5/6- JJ 6V6s
The stock power tubes were failing so I retubed and rebiased them just for this sale with JJs.

Also included are the original dust cover and footswitch for tremolo/reverb. Home use only so cosmetically in good shape, just some oxidation on the metal hardware.

Let me know if you’ve got questions at 84two889two4. Testing available at my place. I’ll deliver if the asking price is met. Thanks.