WTS: Fender 1989 American Stratocaster Plus Deluxe *Price Reduced*


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I’ve got for sale here a Fender 1989 American Stratocaster Plus Deluxe. This model and pickup configuration was produced for only 6 months. It was the highest end production model for Fender outside of the Custom Shop. See here for history on this Strat - http://xhefriguitars.com/page3.html

This Strat originally came with the following features:
1. Silver-Silver-Blue Fender Lace Sensors
2. Sperzel Locking Tuners
3. Wilkinson Roller Nut
4. Hipshot Tremsetter
5. TBX Tone Control
6. White 3ply Pickguard

The original parts were not in good shape and thus had to be replaced or upgraded. Now, the Strat currently has:
1. Fender American Pure Vintage ’59 Pickups
2. New Sperzel Locking Tuners
3. Fender LSR Roller Nut
4. CTS Blend Pot for Tele/Jazzmaster Tones (in place of 2nd tone knob, 1st tone becomes Master Tone)
5. Callahan Vintage Style Offset Stainless Steel Saddles
6. New Dunlop 6105 Frets
7. Fender 3ply Tortoise Shell Pickguard

It is one of the best sounding Stratocasters I’ve ever played but I need to sell for the money. It has visible scratches from 27 years of use. It comes extra with the original Lace Sensor pickups, Pots, Hipshot Tremsetter, spoilt Sperzel tuners, non-original White 3ply Pickguard, Tremolo Bar and a G&G Blonde Fender Tweed Case.

Asking price is $1500. Looking to make quick deal.

For more images, see here - goo.gl/zTYYZf
If interested, feel free to contact me @ 91278187.