SOLD WTS FEA Labs Dual Engine Compressor Limiter

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High end compressor that everyone on talkbass is raving about. Mint condition 9/10! Comes with box and instruction manual. NO TRADES

The FEA DUAL ENGINE COMPRESSOR LIMITER PEDAL is designed with both audiophile and studio quality features that many musicians will appreciate. Great for guitar and bass.

The FEA DE-CL utilizes two sidechain control engines for audio signal dynamics control. The compressor sidechain is based off of the FEA Opti-FET compressor sidechain for its smooth compression qualities. The DE-CL’s limiter sidechain is optimized specifically for high performance limiter operation. The limiter has an adjustable attack so that it can also be used as a very high ratio compressor if desired. Both the limiter and compressor control a single optical gain cell in the audio path for parallel processing of the audio signal dynamics. This compressor and limiter configuration allows for multi-slope compression that is found in some high-end rack units.

This is the first FEA compressor/limiter that utilizes adaptive release circuitry. Adaptive release is sometimes referred to as “program dependent release” by other compressor manufacturers. Adaptive release is designed to behave more like the dynamic response of our human hearing. If the instrument signal triggers the threshold in short bursts then the release will be fairly quick. If the threshold is continually activated over a period of several seconds, then the release will be slower. This adaptive release sounds very natural and balanced.

Going at a crazy sale price of $399. Contact nine two-32-1240 for more info
CNY SALE! Price drop to $349 before going on talkbass. These sell in less than a day there. So if u don’t want to miss this opportunity to get your hands on one, buy now before you regret it!
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