WTS Ethos Overdrive Amp w/ TLE and FX Loop Mods $700 97939234

Daniel Kong

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The Ethos Overdrive Amp is one of the best Dumble pedals in the market, combined with a beefy 30 watt power amp that turns the pedal into a fantastic gigging solution for dumble tones with solid state reliability. The Steel String Singer-based clean section has tons of headroom and is incredibly fat, and the overdrive section is a stellar reproduction of that smooth dumble overdrive. This example has the FX loop and TLE (tight low end) mods added on to it, which would raise the price of the unit considerably if you were to spec out a new one from Custom Tones. These are hard to come by and the shipping costs to Singapore (plus GST) are considerable. You will not find another example like this on the local used market anytime soon. Used prices on Reverb for the pedal version (without the power amp) are already steep.

I found a buyer for the cabinet that I was previously listing with, so I'm listing the Ethos at a good price to sell it off. Get in touch with me!

Contact me by Telegram/Whatsapp/SMS/Call: 97939234
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