Wts Epi LP, Partcaster Tele & MIJ Fender Strat.


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Hi All,

Looking to sell an Epiphone 2010 tribute LP standard, a partcaster tele & a MIJ fender strat. Both condition is very mint except for the strat but playability is good.

The LP has a push/pull tone knob for single & humbucker tone (Gibson USA 57 classic and classic plus). Slim D tapered 60s neck and a nice AAA maple cape. (with epi hardcase) Asking for $700.

Tele is a partcaster made to look like the vintage series. Fitted with Fender Mexican pups and orange capacitors and fender decal. (softcase) Asking for $400.

MIJ Fender Strat is a 94-95 T series model once belonging to a pub player. Black body with rosewood fretboard. Pots and 5 way switch upgraded to Dimarzio EP. Not for fussy buyers as the body work is a little rough but plays well. (generic hardcase) Asking for $500

All guitars are strung in 9s or 10s D'Addario, negotiable to committed buyers who will set a date for viewing and hopefully no lowballers.
Kindly drop me an sms at 9845 8501. Images upon request via whatsapp or email as I cant seem to upload the images.
Thanks for viewing