SOLD wts Dtx iv special electric drum set with double pedal $800

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-Price inclusive of Yamaha throne and Yamaha Flying Dragon Double Pedal as shown
-Selling to downsize due to lack of space
-Extra 2 cymbals marked with X is not included
-Price is adjusted according to a minor defect on the hihat metal part.Hard to explain it here,but a small piece,part of the stand is broke.But it still hold the hihat perfectly,and NEVER affect the hihat functionality and sound. U r still ABLE to make splash and chick,close and open with NO problem at all.
-This is the "special" version.Meanings hihat,snare and ride is 3 zone.Left crash and ride is 3 zone with choke.
-I can help to deliver if u don't lowball. But i need a non refundable deposit(ur comfortable amount) via ibanking/paynow.I am a trustworthy seller/buyer.check my reviews.
-Come test and hear it to believe that it has no issues.
-Price is fair,as its inclusive of a very good double pedal.or u can buy just the edrum itself without pedal at $700.But i dont have a spare single pedal to give u.
-Amplifier and fan in pic not included

ws sms or call me at 90609838

i can't upload pics here.See if u can view it frm this link:-

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