WTS Cioks Baby Mach 2 power supply


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Selling an old Baby Mach 2 power supply from Cioks. This was one of the smallest models Cioks offered, and unless I'm mistaken, it's been discontinued.

Bought it new in 2014, used it semi-regularly till 2018 when I got another power supply out of necessity upon changing out stuff on my pedalboard. Been sitting in my cupboard ever since. Still in good condition nonetheless, and still velcro-ed at the bottom.

The Baby Mach 2 is great for small pedalboards with up to five pedals. If you're like me and use a small board with five or less pedals, or you already have a big rig but are looking to create a miniature setup for smaller gigs, this could work for you.

It has two 9V DC sections and five outlets; the first DC section uses the first four outlets which are shared with a total of 200mA, while the second DC section uses the final outlet which is isolated with its own 100mA. Both sections have LEDs to indicate their status in case of overload or short-circuit, neither of which I've encountered before - as long as you don't have all five pedals on at the same time, you're good to go.

Approximate measurements
Length: 11cm (accounting for the bit of cable sticking out the side since it can't be removed)
Breadth: 6cm (including the outlet pegs)
Height: 4.3cm (the few extra millimetres accounting for the velcro)
Cable: 186cm

Going for $90. WhatsApp at 92712441 for pics and more info