WTS: Charvel So-Cal


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Specs are here: http://www.charvel.com/pdf/promods/Charvel-SoCal.pdf

Condition is 9.7/10. Slight oxidation on 2 screws and one strap lock. White in color, Made in Japan. Comes with original Charvel hard case and everything that it came with.

Just restrung and setup by TYMC 2 days ago with .9s GHS boomers, plastic on pickguard has been removed recently. Bought it first hand in the beginning of the year. You can't find Charvels except in sweelee and they cost $2.3k(overpriced) for the exact same model.

Awesome sounding superstrat with a fender twang. Charvel's under Fender after all.

Asking for $1200 nego.

Not looking for trades and lowballers will be ignored.

1) I'm not selling the guitar w/o the case.
2) My lowest price is $1199 if you ask me to quote you.
3) Reason for selling is that i'm planning to get a fixed bridge guitar or another stratocaster. Gone are the floyd rose days for me.
4) Absolutely mint condition and is well taken off.
5) Setup at TYMC includes: Adjusting of bridge, neck, comfortable low action, truss rod.
6) Testing can be arranged at my convenience but please do not be an asshole and lowball me at my gate. I stay in the East by the way.

SMS 91733025 if you're interested. :)