SOLD WTS: Cascade FAT HEAD Ribbon Microphones Stereo Pair

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Selling Cascade FAT HEAD Stereo Pair for 380SGD (399USD brand new)

One of the most popular microphones from the recent years. Unlike most ribbon motors designed today with an offset ribbon the new Cascade FAT HEAD houses a hand-tuned ribbon element that incorporates the legendary symmetrical ribbon design.The FAT HEAD is suited for guitar cabinets, drum over-heads, vocal, piano, horns, strings, and much more.

This design offers a true figure 8 pattern. The corrugated aluminum membrane itself is positioned in the center from front to back, thus producing a balanced audio input signal to both sides of the ribbon assembly.

Often described as the best value in pro audio, the stereo package includes a Blumlein Stereo Bar that makes mid-side setups a snap. Discover the true magic of ribbon microphones by using them in pairs.

Comes with
2 x FAT HEAD ribbon microphone
2 x shockmount
1 x Blumlein stereo bar
1 x Cascade Microphones Technicians Bag
2 x XLR Cable

Condition is excellent. Selling as I'm moving next year.

Contact 9663 6722 for more info!
Not open for further replies.