SOLD WTS Caline CP-43 Pegasus (Klon Clone) + Caline Pure Sky + Boss CS3 Compressor

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Caline CP-43 @ $60
It’s a klon clone, sounded great. It’s a budget pedal. Come with box. Not trading, looking to clear it

Caline Pure Sky @ $40
Timmy Clone. Comes with box. Looking for another type of overdrive thus selling. Not for trade, looking to clear it.

Boss CS3 Compressor @$150
Modded with monteallums parts and by Worx (goose)

Check out their website

Boss CS-3 Noise Decimator Plus Mod
This mod absolutely Decimates the noise of the stock CS-3. The two new opamps kill noise and add much needed clarity to the circuit.

The other request I constantly get is people want more bass and warmth. The Tone Knob mod has accomplished that and more. The tone sweep is now much more responsive and adds a certain sweetness to the CS-3.

Together all the mods work to give your CS-3 near studio quality compression at a very reasonable price point. You’ll want to leave your CS-3 on all the time. I never turn mine off. Enjoy!

Place to meet City Hall Mrt

Whatsapp: 93621020

Thank you!
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