WTS: BLACKSTAR ID Core Beam amp with Bluetooth+cable 3M, Made in Japan


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BLACKSTAR ID Core Beam amp with Bluetooth+cable 3M, Made in Japan (seldom used. I bought it new: 28$, can see the pic).
Only for serious buyers.
The ID:Core BEAM is a Super Wide Stereo guitar amp with Bluetooth functionality and channels for electric, bass and acoustic guitars, and hi-fi quality music playback, styled for the home.
The ID:Core BEAM is the first Blackstar product with Bluetooth functionality, allowing you to stream your music to the amplifier. The hi-fi quality playback of your MP3s through the ID:Core BEAM will redefine what you can expect from a multifunctional product and with Super Wide Stereo the sound will fill the room.
With two bass, six electric guitar, two acoustic and two acoustic simulator Voices, and with a sealed and ported cabinet construction for optimum bass response and stereo definition, the ID:Core BEAM is the ultimate musician's amp for the home.
The retro-cool design means ID:Core BEAM will look at home in any room in the house.
1 year old.
Working 10/10
Aesthetic: 7/10 (I put some tape to protect the back).
Deal anywhere in Singapore.
Instrument cable included for free, Made in Japan.


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